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Tomorrow, Friday November 15th from 9 AM to 3:15 PM, the University of Alabama will host an event for those interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. This event is called Innovation Day and will be held in the Bryant Conference Center’s Rast Room. Like many other college campuses, UA has a large community of entrepreneurs and startups on campus and Innovation Day was created as a way for them to showcase their ideas and share what they have learned with the community at large. During the event, attendees can expect to be exposed to a variety of innovative approaches and learn about financing a business from a student-run company. In addition to the educational segments, the participating companies will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas or technology to a panel of business experts from the region. These business experts will also be discussing topics regarding launching and running a successful business.

“We have a lot of interesting technologies and startups on campus,” said Richard Swatloski, director of the office for technology transfer. “We knew they (students or faculty members) needed a vehicle or forum to showcase (their ideas.)” Throughout the day, networking breaks will allow a dozen of UA-affiliated and local startup business and innovators to present what they are doing and where they are going, Swatloski said. “It gives the opportunity to present ideas to investors… they will get advice on how to sharpen ideas,” Swatloski said.

Innovation Day is free and open to the public.Source: Tuscaloosa News