University of Alabama roll over rivals Auburn in Iron Bowl

After the 2013 Iron Bowl stunner between the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and Auburn Tigers, which ended with a missed field goal by the Crimson Tide leading to a end-zone to end-zone touchdown return by Chris Johnson to win it for Auburn. The 2014 Iron Bowl, considered the game of the year in college football did not disappoint.

The historic rivalry was another classic SEC (SouthEast Conference) shootout as expected. Even with Alabama ranked 4th in the nation and Auburn being 15th, the Tigers gave it their all and understood the meaning of the game. Auburn came out firing taking an early lead, stunning the ‘Bama faithful early. Alabama quarterback Blake Sims had a rough outing in the first half due to Auburn’s defense, intercepting Sims three times. Auburn led going into halftime 33-21.

After considering benching Blake Sims, the Crimson Tide came out of the locker room with an extra boost in their step. Alabama went on a 34-3 run to close the game defeating their rivals 55-36. Sims turned his game around in the second half going 10-12 for 182 yards and three touchdowns. The Crimson Tide offensive weapons were too much for the Tigers defense. Wide receiver Amari Cooper, and running back TJ Yeldon had a big game backing up their quarterback. Cooper had an astounding 224 receiving yards accompanied with three touchdowns. Yeldon accompanied Cooper with 127 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Amari Cooper

Although this game would not have affected Auburns hope at the National Championship game with the new playoff structure, the Tigers love playing spoiler. The new playoff structure is being utilized for the first time this season where the top 4 teams in the nation go head to head and battle for the championship. This win for Alabama helped them jump to the top of the AP poll with the help of other teams in the top four losing this past weekend.

Nick Saban, head coach of the Crimson Tide is grateful to be in the current position his football team is currently in. Being in such a competitive conference, arguably the best conference in all of college football Saban explained, “I think we have an outstanding league and we have a lot of good teams and the fact that we play each other and end up beating each other probably hurts a little bit.” Some of the top teams come out of the SEC and having them play one another essentially knocks themselves out of competition.

Alabama will most likely be playing against Missouri in the SEC championship game, the winner of this game will most likely be representing the SEC in the national championship final four.

Roll Tide!


UA Raises Tuition

The University of Alabama Board of Trustees voted in a 4 percent educational cost build Friday, bringing the aggregate two-semester cost for occupant learners to $9,826 and $24,950 for non-inhabitant understudies at UA.

UAB inhabitant understudies will pay $9,280 for every two semesters and non-inhabitants will pay $21,394.

Because of a rebuilding of their educational cost installment framework, UAH’s expansion is irrelevant – in-state scholars will pay $9,158 for a two-semester year and non-inhabitants will pay $21,232.

In spite of the fact that few parts of the board recognized the pattern of climbing educational cost was difficult to scholars, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations Ray Hayes said expanded educational cost rates were fundamental as expanding institutional expenses outpace state financing.

“We’ve been working difficult to hold educational cost rates down,” Ray Hayes, Executive Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations, said. “With expanded costs we have no influence over, there’s simply not a ton left over.”

In his Thursday presentation, Hayes noted that that worker profits costs are required to develop 7.5 percent in the following five years, far outpacing the normal 2.3 percent development in the Education Trust Fund.

In spite of the fact that the UA framework saw a minor build in state assignments for the 2014 monetary year, it was still well under the $611 million the board asked for in November.

“The guess is not empowering,” framework Chancellor Robert Witt said Friday.

In his comments, Witt said UA is on track to pass the $8 million imprint in yearly funds however the facilities must look to new boulevards to cut expenses, in the same way as sustenance administrations and wellbeing profits contracts.

“On the off chance that we can have even negligible changes in these territories, the dollar investment funds will be generous,” Witt said.

Notwithstanding inquiring as to whether they’re doing all that they can to cut expenses, Witt said heads ought to begin asking, “Would it be a good idea for us to try and be destroying it the primary spot?”

“By fall, we require rules set up on each one yard that efficiently take a gander at all fixates and foundations on an occasional premise and ask, ‘Are they effective, are they steady with our current key necessities?’ We have to begin taking a gander at each system and ask, ‘Is it reliable with what we’re attempting to perform today. Is it accurate to say that it is effective?’ We ought to be asking new inquiries – ought to this project exist in any case?”

Alabama positions fourth in the country for higher training subsidizing cuts at the state level, with about $556 million sliced from higher ed open financing since 2008, almost 28 percent.

Educational cost and expenses represented 18 percent of the framework’s $3.67 billion financial plan this monetary year, contrasted with 11 percent in the $2.97 billion monetary 2008 funding.

Generally, the framework’s pay from educational cost and expenses has multiplied since 2008, moving from $338 million to $679 million. In November, Hayes said a noteworthy bit of that build originates from higher selection number

Student Government Kills Bill for Racial integration in Sororities


The University of Alabama student senate murdered a determination supporting racial incorporation of organizations and sororities on campus – a disappointment somewhat faulted for a secret society called the Machine.

The student senate voted a week ago 27 to 5 to send the determination to advisory group, successfully murdering it. Thursday’s senate gathering was the final one of the term, and no business will be conveyed into the new term.

“I submitted this with the expectation that it might move the University of Alabama forward,” Katie Smith, the person representative who drafted the determination, told The Huffington Post. “I am disheartened that this is wrangled in the year 2014. In any case, as crippling as it is to have a mind-boggling measure of representatives vote to “murder” this determination, I trust that our society of quiet is likewise “slaughtered” with their vote and that we can begin a discussion about how to development.”

The determination refered to harm to the notoriety of the college, in Tuscaloosa, after it was uncovered a year ago that all-white sororities were denying participation to dark ladies built singularly in light of race. The discussion ejected a half-century after National Guard troops constrained then-Gov. George Wallace to end his bar at the college and the first dark understudies were permitted to enlist.

A few dark ladies were offered sorority offers in the fall after a course of action with the college organization. In November, a truly Jewish sorority chose its first dark president.

At the same time Smith said things are a long way from settled regarding integrating the Greek framework at Alabama. She said she needed to present the determination in the fall, when race was a greater open issue, yet was influenced by parts of the Machine, which scholar daily paper Crimson White has depicted as a political coalition of all-white cliques and sororities. Smith said Machine parts constrained her to postpone her determination, letting her know the Student Government Association would not like to stand firm on the issue.

“The SGA is basically the Machine, so it was truly The Machine that would not like to stand firm on this issue,” Smith said.

Smith said parts of the Machine let her know whether she made headway with her determination, she might lose a chance for higher positions in person government one year from now. She said Thursday’s gathering was her last as an understudy representative, so she chose to nonchalance the cautioning and present her enactment. On the off chance that she had presented it sooner, there may have been the ideal time for the determination to experience a board survey and get a full vote.

The Machine incorporates people from Greek houses that furtively underwrite learner government applicants. The shadow assembly was the reason sororities still evaded dark ladies a year ago, as stated by the Crimson White.

Not long ago, taking after learner government races, scholar activists reprimanded the recently chose parts as handpicked by the Machine.

Some learner congresspersons said they were concerned the dialect in the mix determination might prompt a governmental policy regarding minorities in society like Greek framework. Some asked whether customarily dark or Latino organizations might be obliged to concede white people.

“Given the historical backdrop of the University of Alabama in the social equality development, it is basic that the grounds makes each fundamental move to uproot the stigma that as of now encompasses this yard in regards to its legacy of isolation,” the measure read.

Various congresspersons who contradicted the determination either declined to remark or did not react to messages. The college is presently on spring break.

“The general feeling was that the greater part of the Greeks took this as an individual assault, in spite of the fact that the wording of the determination ought not have inspired that inclination,” said Justin Thompson, a co-supporter of the determination. “Thinking back, on the off chance that they weren’t going to vote yes dependent upon everybody being equivalent, they could have in any event voted yes from an advertising outlook. This just strengthens the universal generalization of the state of Alabama.”

Couple Names Son Krimson Tyde after UA

Krimson.jpg This past December 17th, two Alabama fans welcomed their new baby boy into the world and named him after their beloved UA team. Summer and Steven Steele settled on the named Krimson Tyde, giving the baby a unique name and spelling that will be sure to set him apart throughout his life.

When asked why they went with this decision, as some may find it odd that a couple would name a child after a sports team, they responded: “The reason we named him Krimson is that we are big Alabama fans and it is a very unique name and we loved it,” Summer Steele told Alabama Media Group on Sunday.

Although not very complicated, little Krimson, who weighed in at seven pounds and five ounces has been experiencing some stomach issues and he was brought back into the doctors care.While he recovers, the family has been facing scrutiny and media attention for the name. The family was surprised by how many people were interested in hearing their story and learning more about the baby boy. Krimson isnt’ t the first child for the Steeles. They have two other boys, Trenton and Dawson, that are glad to act as big brothers.

“To people speaking negatively about us naming him Krimson, it’s not their child nor family member so if they have nothing nice to say they don’t need to say nothing at all,” Steele said. She even took to social media, particularly Facebook to clarify that Krimson was a boy after some publications made the mistake of reporting that he was a girl. What is even more interesting about this story is that the Steeles aren’t the first set of parents to name their child after an Alabama sports team. There are 25 girls in Alabama named Crimson and six girls named Auburn born in 2012.

To see the town become so invested in the school is a great thing to witness and be a part of. UA is truly a large part of the state and the community at large.

Innovation Day Tomorrow at University of Alabama

Tomorrow, Friday November 15th from 9 AM to 3:15 PM, the University of Alabama will host an event for those interested in innovation and entrepreneurship. This event is called Innovation Day and will be held in the Bryant Conference Center’s Rast Room. Like many other college campuses, UA has a large community of entrepreneurs and startups on campus and Innovation Day was created as a way for them to showcase their ideas and share what they have learned with the community at large. During the event, attendees can expect to be exposed to a variety of innovative approaches and learn about financing a business from a student-run company. In addition to the educational segments, the participating companies will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas or technology to a panel of business experts from the region. These business experts will also be discussing topics regarding launching and running a successful business.

“We have a lot of interesting technologies and startups on campus,” said Richard Swatloski, director of the office for technology transfer. “We knew they (students or faculty members) needed a vehicle or forum to showcase (their ideas.)” Throughout the day, networking breaks will allow a dozen of UA-affiliated and local startup business and innovators to present what they are doing and where they are going, Swatloski said. “It gives the opportunity to present ideas to investors… they will get advice on how to sharpen ideas,” Swatloski said.

Innovation Day is free and open to the public.Source: Tuscaloosa News